Day 40 in Home Quarantine

I stopped counting numbers and cases for awhile. I don’t know how much good it did, it almost made it seem not real like it’s okay to let my guard down. The whole out of mind concept comes to mind actually. It’s easy to believe it’s nothing and we are safe from the illness killing… Continue reading Day 40 in Home Quarantine

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Day ## in Home Quarantine

After a weekend of blurred days of endless video games and NETFLIX my tailbone hurts, and I have no idea what day it is in my endless count. Then… today I learn all schools in the state are closed until sometime this FALL. My husband says it shouldn’t be a surprise. Of course it shouldn’t… Continue reading Day ## in Home Quarantine

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The write way… or the right way… to write a book. I reached my end point. I reached the end of my manuscript, or where I had planned to end my story. I wrote 91,459 words, which equates to roughly 365 book pages, and completed this in two months or approximately 8 weeks. That sounds absurd!… Continue reading The WRITE Way


Day 31 in Home Quarantine

Total case in US 675,640 Total deaths: 34,522 Total cases in NV: 3,321 Total deaths: 137 I heard 2,000 people entered an Emergency Room yesterday. Thats insane to think what that looks like and then on top of that 600 people died. Insanely high numbers… I also watched a video on theories about where the… Continue reading Day 31 in Home Quarantine

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Day 30 in Home Quarantine

I survived a month deep! I lived 30 days into this pandemic. I should have fresh flowers on my table to celebrate. Too bad I have not gotten flowers in a month. The last dozen roses were actually orange. The husband gave them to me the weekend before everything shutdown. It’s a missing staple at… Continue reading Day 30 in Home Quarantine


Day 29 in Home Quarantine

Watching this madness is hard to stomach. I love hate these news casters who completely flip to call out what they “did” like a public “I told you so” statement when it’s not true. I have been watching the new almost everyday all day for 29 days and have an insanely crazy memory. I want… Continue reading Day 29 in Home Quarantine


Day 28 in Hone Quarantine

The stay at home order was supposed to lift today but it was extended until the end of the month. No telling what will happen at the end of the month. This is our new normal now. I don’t want people to go back to work until I know they are safe. But sadly I… Continue reading Day 28 in Hone Quarantine


Day 27 in Home Quarantine

I got dressed in my fancy black clothes and did my hair and make up and so did my daughter. We played in the backyard all day. We FaceTimed family and spent the day together and did nothing. It was wonderful to get dressed like we had somewhere to go and spend the time with… Continue reading Day 27 in Home Quarantine


Day 26 in Home Quaratine

We egged a few houses today. We filled plastic color eggs and spread them around in different yards then dashed off before we could violate any social distancing and home quarantine notions. It was actually fun spending time with the kids. We spent a long time filling 150 eggs with candy and packaging them in… Continue reading Day 26 in Home Quaratine

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Day 25 in Home Quarantine

This was a blog to capture my writing but when you haven’t written in awhile it makes it hard. Since I usually write in public like the second seat from the bar at Starbucks and I can’t go sit at Starbucks these days I have lost something. I ordered items today which I usually have… Continue reading Day 25 in Home Quarantine

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Day 24 in Home Quaratine

I am truly sorry for the people suffering right now. Not necessarily the dead but the living who have lost. I’d like to say it goes away, and that the pain and sadness of losing someone you love dissolves somehow, eventually, but then I’d be lying. It doesn’t go away, and it may not even… Continue reading Day 24 in Home Quaratine

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Day 23 in Home Quarantine

I didn’t check the total number of cases today. I didn’t watch the news to see how many died today. And, I don’t know if I want to… not today. I like our safe bubble. My family is home. My kids are healthy. We are safe. The world is quiet. The streets are empty while… Continue reading Day 23 in Home Quarantine

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Day 22 in Home Quarantine

Total cases in United States: 400,823 Total deaths: 12,857 Total cases in NV: 2,102 Total deaths: 71 13 more people died today in my state. I am happy that we are safe and scared that we are not like I am living in a bubble and my bubble could pop. I am sorry for the… Continue reading Day 22 in Home Quarantine


Day 21 in Home Quaratine

Total cases in United States: 368,174 Total deaths: 10,966 Total cases in NV: 1,953 Total deaths: 58 For anyone who read or loves Harry Potter. “Watching the Federal Government deal with COVID19 is like watching the Ministry of Magic deal with Voldemort’s return.” It’s just so unfathomable, it’s hard to get our minds around how… Continue reading Day 21 in Home Quaratine


Day 20 in Home Quarantine

★ Total cases in United States: 336,851 ★ Total deaths: 9,620 ★ Total cases in NV: 1,836 ★Total deaths: 46 According to numbers no one in my state died yesterday. Doesn’t indicate how many CODE 99’s were announced yesterday though, meaning how many people were dying and needed a Ventilator. With so much concern on… Continue reading Day 20 in Home Quarantine

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Day 19 in Home Quarantine

Total cases in United States: 311,637 Total deaths: 8,802 Total cases in NV: 1,742 Total deaths: 46 Today we went outside by standing in our garage and front yard. I feel bad for the kids. Not enough room to play and run and more screen time just to do school. It’s hard moving around a… Continue reading Day 19 in Home Quarantine


Day 18 in Home Quarantine

Total cases in America: 277,467 Total deaths: 7,402 Total cases in NV: 1,514 Total deaths: 38 We haven’t left in two weeks or maybe I have lost track it’s been too long. I want coffee and the husband wants junk food but we aren’t in need of anything. We don’t go to the store just… Continue reading Day 18 in Home Quarantine

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Day 17 in Home Quarantine

Total cases in America: 245,442 Total deaths: 6,098 Total cases in NV: 1,458 Total deaths: 38 Another day inside… the kids are doing better starting to follow a routine. Figuring out what school work to do is challenging. Teaching isn’t the problem it’s finding what to teach, what I can print, activities to do worksheets.… Continue reading Day 17 in Home Quarantine


Day 15 in Home Quarantine

Total cases in America: 188,647 Total deaths: 4,064 Total cases in NV: 1,113 Total deaths: 26 We didn’t leave the house again. It gets harder keeping the kids inside. You can only make so many forts before it’s no longer exciting. I have yet to sit down and write. Maybe because with the elements of… Continue reading Day 15 in Home Quarantine