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My Writing Journey

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Habits of a Stagnant Mind

Photo by on stagnant moments may lead to a stagnant mind… Today was a great reminder of how I neglect so many things about myself. And I’m not thinking just personal time or pampering and vacation time either although I do that. The things I’ve been doing to myself in the last ten… Continue reading Habits of a Stagnant Mind

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I am into this less is more thing… which I am impressed the minimalistic thing hasn’t worn off by now. I decided to cancel my “rental” clothing service to buy a new staple wardrobe and unfortunately the new work clothes are all dry clean only. Apparently my aversion to laundry spills over into my subconscious,… Continue reading ReOrganization

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No NEWS is GOOD news…

No news is good news. My manuscript for book one is with a publisher and assigned editor. I don’t exactly know what this means other than someone outside of me and my crazy is reading my book. Still uncertain what will happen next. If they want to buy my work, publish my work, or make… Continue reading No NEWS is GOOD news…

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Stuck between WORLDS

I’ve been in a consistency slump this last week. My problem isn’t words it’s time. I struggle between working long hours and flipping my brain over to write, and this nagging need to go to the gym. I love my job. However, I hate my schedule. How do you fit in everything else when you… Continue reading Stuck between WORLDS

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Trilogy In Progress

Writing Update Book I – complete Book II – written pending edits Book III … Writing a book is one thing… writing a series or trilogy is a whole other thing… and I didn’t realize that exactly until I made it to ACT III of my over arching plot. (book III) Book I – world… Continue reading Trilogy In Progress

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Quality over Quantity

Last night I didn’t exactly leave the house, and I’m not a in the house writer unless I’m on my bike. It was late and that defeats the purpose of trying to settle the brain when I’m making it go faster so riding wasn’t going to happen. I took a moment to consider something about… Continue reading Quality over Quantity